Expungement Today

Expungement today is a hot new subject and is a new means to help a reformed individual put past mistakes in the rear view mirror. This is one of the many issues which is a specialty of Hodges Trial Lawyers. Please see our main website to learn more ways we can help you with all your legal issues. Actual law and state fees…

If you have ever been arrested, even if the charges were dismissed or you completed a diversion program, the arrest remains public record and can affect many aspects of your life. As of 2014, Alabama passed a new expungement law allowing certain charges to be expunged from your record. If your charge involved a non-violent crime, chances are you qualify for an expungement. Examples of violent crimes that cannot be expunged include:

  • Murder/Capital Murder/Manslaughter; .
  • Assault; .
  • Kidnapping; .
  • Sexual Abuse/Rape/Sodomy .
  • Burglary; .
  • Arson; .
  • Stalking; .
  • Domestic Violence, First and Second Degree; .
  • Trafficking; and Distribution or Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance

If you have charges that you would like taken off of your record, the attorneys at Hodges Trial Lawyers are well-versed in the area of expungement and can help navigate you through the process. Contact our office to see if you qualify to have your charges expunged